Joan Brassil Can it be Everlasting? (1978)

carbon moon moths

If we are entangled with lights, with carbon, and with moths we cannot draw analogies.

MECO by Kim Williams

MECO network

We are thinking about a widening of the circle, an awakening of new ways of imagining and visioning the world.

A soot sprite from Studio Ghibli's My Neighbour Totoro, gif. from gify.

images and assemblages: possible worlds

What might be found at the limit edge of these assembled monuments?

Agnieszka Golda & Martin Johnson,
Inferno Wonderland (installation detail), 2012, mixed media,
installation size 460cm x 640cm x 460cm. Photographer Martin Johnson

unexpected encounters

Feminist visual art scholarship transforms and re-shapes worlds within worlds, whether real or imagined.

Stella Brennan. The Middle Landscape. 2009.

catastrophic extinction events and contemporary art

Now we are in the midst of the sixth great extinction, defence is simply not going to be enough.

Mikalya Dwyer garden of half-life

living rocks

although it may be true that iron cannot be penetrated by an ‘equally coarse body’, in-fact ‘subtle bodies such as fire’ can completely transform it.

Crow, Notre Dame, Paris, 2010.

machinic ecologies

The machine is not all nice (but then again neither is nature) both include carbon emitting poisons, and climate changing events.

Ian Milliss and Lucas Ihlein, "Aerial View of Nevallan, Western Sydney", offset lithographic print from "The Yeomans Project", 2011-14.

urgent ecologies

The symposium will ask how we might begin to match the scale of our thought with that of the catastrophe around us.

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller "Opera for a Small Room" 2005

audience events and art machines

The art gallery is a stationary assemblage that enables transformation. The objects and situations that are presented within its walls are forever transitory.

Immaterials: Light Painting WiFi by Timo Arnall, Einar Sneve Martinussen, and Jørn Knutsen (2011)

conversations on art and science

The seminar considers the contribution that artistic practice in the network can make to social and environmental change

Douglas Bagnall  Cloud Shape Classifier (2006) installed at the DPAG 2013

even newer machine aesthetics

Bagnall’s works do not just demonstrate machinic vision but prefigure a move in contemporary art from the stable aesthetic object to the unstable and impure real-time process of machine aesthetics.

Simon Ingram The Hydrogen Line Sept 2014.

Simon Ingram’s radio machines

The artist and his painting machine have become a very particular assemblage of flows.

bundanon sun

nature, network and event

The camp will think about the affective encounter within environmental transformation.

Looking for McCahon NGA, Canberra

looking for McCahon and Ernst

‘if my memory serves me right..’ at the National Gallery, Canberra

Stella Brennan The Middle Landscape 2010, installed in Among the Machines, 2013. Photograph by Max Bellamy.

more than the simple defence

Thinking about an ecosophical approach to contemporary art that considers NZ bird extinctions.

rock in Auckland Museum

contemporary arts and social transformation

CAST provides a vehicle for critical interdisciplinary exchange within the broad field of contemporary arts.

Among the Machines at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 2013.

among the machines

This exhibition offers a speculative map for the future histories of media, machines and humans.

Zita Joyce and Simon Pope Netwalking ADA 2013.

imagining disaster

Everyday fear has lead to habitual uncertainty, and the Christchurch earthquakes occurred in a location that was already well acculturated to a neoliberal concept of risk.

Janet Cardiff and George Bures-Miller "Opera for a Small Room" 2008

the audience and the art machine

Perhaps in 1972 this was the right place to leave the art machine: bashing at the operations of modernity…

Jake and Dinos Chapman, "From Insult to Injury" 2003.

The Chair Did It

Increasingly complex laws of compensation, cause and effect replaced the deodand, but the nonhuman objects and their crimes did not go away.

Top ten: Roundtable (Gwangju Biennale 2012)

Before I went, I had heard stories of the dis-function that had permeated this Biennale. For many it had became a record of how collaboration can never be…

Top Ten: Spell on You (Seoul) 2012

The spell of the city remained outside in the dreamspace of travel.

Nam June Paik, The Rehabilitation of Genghas Kahn, 1993.

Flux + Cybernetics = Paik

Paik’s works bring together a commitment to indeterminism, a deep knowledge of information systems, and a playful attention to the materials of communication.

Erewhon Calling: Sound

All night silence: Live experimental sound in New Zealand public art galleries. At its best, experimental sound in public gallery spaces activates the gallery, and leaves listeners with a profound experience of all night silence.

the (new) accident of art

Does the robot machine now patrolling the major galleries of the world suggest new methods for engaging with art, accidental spaces of machinic vision, New Aesthetics?

Top Ten: Sydney Biennale 2012

I thought about events, stillness and affect beyond the object.

the accident

What is accidental about documentary? How should the accident be documented? In what ways is the accident productive of new aesthetics and new ways of thinking?


an unfortunate list of questions

table of the elements

The start of a series of new lists, this one begins with disciplining.

Top Ten: NZ media artists

I was asked to make a list of New Zealand media artists currently doing interesting things. This is only a beginning.

Nature log: penguin migration

the first emperor penguin spotted in the wild in New Zealand in 44 years

Top Ten: textbooks

absolute must-have-read-by-the-time-you-leave-art-school texts

Reading Log: tratteggio

gaps in time and special kinds of historico-material objects

Nonorganic Life

Antarctica is provisional; nonorganic life formed through frequency and virtuality.

Cultivating Frequencies

As we enter into this communal space the oscillations of abstraction become clear.


Moving into the ‘new normal’ that is our near future.

research supervision

a list of postgraduate projects

speculative futures

The future we must consider is closer to hand than it has ever been.

accident log

I will ammend our records accordingly

21stC Art History Timeline

what are the most important social/ political and aesthetic events of the twenty-first century?

Haines & Hinterding: Ozinal

The smell is, of course, molecular.

Enola: Susan Norrie

Enola simultaneously miniaturieses and displaces the histories and expectations of cinema.

Googly Eyes

The wow factor is the selected images that are at gigapixel quality, in the galleries though the same digital debris appear as out on the road.

Digital Literacy in Art

Digital Literacy is not about teaching something that is separate to what the students do, rather, it applies across all visual arts disciplines.

Twenty-First Century Art History

What drives art into the twenty-first century? Why keep making objects, images, events, experiences?

City Of Wax

The longitude wars are not over yet; From afar they look like children with guns.

Digital Matters

This remote conversation will test the materials of digital networks, hosts and remote relays to enable an open discussion of the materiality of the digital.

The Aotearoa Digital Arts Reader

A screen grab of digital art in Aotearoa New Zealand.

images of thought

Immediacy determines the kinds of experiential engagements that propel me to write.

Information, Noise, et al.

This essay weaves together a discussion of the viewer experience of three of et al.’s recent installations with a consideration of the histories of informatics on which they draw.

Public Lecture: Cao Fei

The talk examines the ecological, economic, political, and technological history of utopian dreams.

2011 Teaching

Teaching in Electronic Arts, Photography and Art History

PSN Electronic: teleporter 8a

PSN Electronic play The Substation as part of etherradio curated by Zita Joyce for Cloudland: Digital Art from Aotearoa at ISEA Singapore, July 2008.

PSN Electronic: 10 years of bad sleep

PSN Electronic play “10 years of bad sleep” at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in support of Chris Watson. 8 October 2009.

Top Ten: Sydney Biennale 2010

The restraint of the contrivance. On my first visit, a man beside me got extremely agitated and started shouting at the screen, swearing in German, “it is all nonsense”.

windows by the sea shore

thinking about photography and the digital figure

Too Blue

Steichen won many prizes for his cross-breeding of Delphiniums and at one time planted 5 acres of his Connecticut home with the flowers.

Antipodean Media Ecologies

Engagements with Erewhon suggest an ongoing commitment to a potential future elsewhere and to the construction of media histories that are embedded in concrete locations.

Gallery Machines

Gallery Machines traces a critical art history of the tensions, resonances and disruptions found in the encounter between new media, sound, image and the art gallery.

swarm and flicker

Max Bellamy layers a mythic-biology with an acute awareness of what it means to exist in a hyper-real world.

Dirty Princesses

… after all Brittney Spears made her debut on the Mickey Mouse Club.


It is a comfortable fiction to say that we know precisely where one thing begins and another ends.

Taking Time: Tempo ao Tempo

ENOLA makes a final slip from the grasp of cinema, and becomes a vision machine.

Distraction and Feedback

In Aotearoa New Zealand artists playing with and shifting the distinct materialities of sound and image enabled by, and in response to, digital technologies have generated significant bodies of work.


This was not the familiar smell of daphne, lilac, or jasmine. It was heady, monstrous.

Beyond the Surface

…in this exhibition, we find ourselves in seemingly exotic places and other worlds, watching fleeting half-lives.