Crow, Notre Dame, Paris, 2010.

why machines? (and urgent ecologies)

The machine is not all nice (but then again neither is nature) both include carbon emitting poisons, and climate changing events.

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller "Opera for a Small Room" 2005

audience events and art machines

The art gallery is a stationary assemblage that enables transformation. The objects and situations that are presented within its walls are forever transitory.

Douglas Bagnall  Cloud Shape Classifier (2006) installed at the DPAG 2013

even newer machine aesthetics

Bagnall’s works do not just demonstrate machinic vision but prefigure a move in contemporary art from the stable aesthetic object to the unstable and impure real-time process of machine aesthetics.

Simon Ingram The Hydrogen Line Sept 2014.

Simon Ingram’s radio machines

The artist and his painting machine have become a very particular assemblage of flows.

Looking for McCahon NGA, Canberra

looking for McCahon and Ernst

‘if my memory serves me right..’ at the National Gallery, Canberra

Stella Brennan The Middle Landscape 2010, installed in Among the Machines, 2013. Photograph by Max Bellamy.

more than the simple defence

Thinking about an ecosophical approach to contemporary art that considers NZ bird extinctions.

Among the Machines at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 2013.

among the machines

This exhibition offers a speculative map for the future histories of media, machines and humans.

Zita Joyce and Simon Pope Netwalking ADA 2013.

imagining disaster

Everyday fear has lead to habitual uncertainty, and the Christchurch earthquakes occurred in a location that was already well acculturated to a neoliberal concept of risk.

Janet Cardiff and George Bures-Miller "Opera for a Small Room" 2008

the audience and the art machine

Perhaps in 1972 this was the right place to leave the art machine: bashing at the operations of modernity…

Jake and Dinos Chapman, "From Insult to Injury" 2003.

The Chair Did It

Increasingly complex laws of compensation, cause and effect replaced the deodand, but the nonhuman objects and their crimes did not go away.