Top Ten: Sydney Biennale 2010

1. John Bock Fischgratenmelkstand kippt ins Hohlengleichnis Refugium (2008)
The restraint of the contrivance. On my first visit, a man beside me got extremely agitated and started shouting at the screen, swearing in German, “it is all nonsense”.

2. Mikala Dwyer An Apparition of a Subtraction (2010)
Exquisite secrets told through the sound of labour and the silence of a circle. A rehabilitation of the space of an island that conflates affective histories.

3. Salla Tykka Victoria (2008) Airs Above The Ground (2010)
Beauty is gathered and controlled and managed, but only when we are looking, and only sustained for a temporary moment. Gravity and death become forces of containment.

4. Fiona Pardington Ahua: A Beautiful Hesitation (2010)
A breath of time captured.

5. Slave Pianos Penalogical Pianology: The Timbers of Justice (2010)
The body of the king has been threatened and must be publicly punished. An alternative violence to the penal colony, only the most visible and most exuberant execution at the scaffold will pay the debt.

6. Shen Shaomin Bonsai (2007-2009)
Nature removed from its mandate to the sublime. Domesticated, and contrived, a different kind of body is formed.

7. Folkert de Jong The Balance (2010)
A cybernetic system, of commerce, where the bodies that form the transaction cut slices off themselves in order to continue playing the game.

8. Jake and Dinos Chapman Shitrospective (2009)
Beauty formed from the absurd (and a fair amount of cardboard).

9. Rodney Graham City Self/ Country Self (2000)
A moment frozen in time caused by the syncopation of the footsteps, the hoof-steps and the anticipation of repetition. Noone can escape the confines of the loop.

10. AES +F The Feast of Trimalchio (2009)
The hybrid worlds of the Gods are all about control and contrivance. The Wagnerian opulence supposedly transports but somehow remains a pseudo-affect echoed in our bodies that attempt to gather the whole of the image.

11. Adel Abidin Green Mouse (2008)
Abject horror made worse by the need to clean up.

12. Daniel Crooks Static no. 12 (seek stillness in movement) (2009-2010)
Opening up spaces for other ways of being. The video becomes an illustration of motion, rather than a transportation.

13. Isaac Julian Ten Thousand Waves (2010)
I remain unconvinced by Orientalism.

14. Kutlug Ataman Journey to the Moon (2009)
The intensity of documentary fiction revealed through authoritative truth.

15. Yvonne Todd
Disquiet of the image matching the location.

16. Miguel Angel Rios Crudo (2008)
Interesting to see this again after the DPAG installation. The inhabitation of the circular space shifts the power relation more to the dogs. In the restraint of the gallery the dancer was dominant.

17. Louise Bourgeios Echo (2007)
Echos of bodies – doing the same as Daniel Crooks but the frozen space becomes more powerful. The sculptures hold time.