Critical Creative Practice

This week was the launch and first workshop of the C3P Research Centre for Critical Creative Practice that I am now co-director of with Prof. Sue Turnbull. Our aim is to see if the environmental and collaborative work we have been doing in MECO (the Material Ecologies Research Network) can further open up into and across the spaces of media and audiences, so that we can think together into the future.

Somehow the image of Tesla (pretending to be sitting) in his studio seemed to encapsulate the work we are trying to do over the year.

We also wrote a mission statement, and built a beautiful website

The Centre for Critical Creative Practice (C3P) is an interdisciplinary home for research addressing the key issues of our time. Our innovative approach uses creative practice and critical frameworks to raise questions about the influence of digital and screen media on culture, the ways the humanities can respond to global political and environmental change, and the impacts art and writing can have in the twenty-first century.