2011 Teaching

Dunedin School of Art, New Zealand 2011

In 2011 I’m teaching the senior studio courses:
* Electronic Arts Stage 2 BVA
* Electronic Arts Stage 3 BFA and BVA
* Electronic Arts BVA(hons)

I’m going to be teaching these alongside and in conjunction with the Photography classes taught by Rachel Gillies: a chance for us to connect the two disciplines as we anticipate the shifting roles of screen/media/networks/interaction/immersion/narrative and experimentation in all the media we encompass.

The Lab.

In 2008 I established the Electronic Arts section at the Dunedin School of Art. Central to the section is The Lab, an environment where all senior students work alongside each other, share knowledge, collaborate and engage each other’s projects.

The Stand Up

Core to our operations in the lab are weekly standups, where we all present work from last week and anticipate our work for the future week. Stand ups are egalitarian and staff and students present together.

I’m also returning to some teaching in Art History, developing a “twenty-first century Art History” course for stage two.

I’m currently supervising the following MFA projects:

* Ana Terry “island corridors” electronic arts
* Don Hunter “locative media and data visualisation” electronic arts
* Pete Gorman “Oscillator” sound and electronic media
* Jax Reynolds “shelter” intermedia
* Justin Balmain ” fuck you (image)” media arts and painting (COFA, Sydney)

MFA graduates include:

Angela Lyon “Neither Here nor There” photography 2007
Anita De Soto “Desire Drapes Everything” painting 2001
Caroline McCaw “The Picnic” interdisciplinary/ design 2003
Cathy Helps “Travel Stories” painting 2002
Jan Wilson textiles 2001
Kurt Adams “Greyscale Drawing” Drawing/ digital and moving image, 2004
Lynn Taylor “Re:Kakawai” textiles/ printmaking 2002
MaryAnne Jennings “The Thorfinn Pilgramage” textiles/ painting 2003
Morgan Oliver “Hello World” electronic arts 2009
Ryan Cockburn “Trash spitacular music” electronic arts 2006
Simone Montgomery “Re:Mix” textiles 2010

Until 2007 I was Head of Section and senior lecturer in Theory and History of Art, Dunedin School of Art.
I developed and taught the following theory papers:

* Looking
* Experimental Film and Video
* Art, Technologies and New Media
* Immersed in Technology
* The Body
* Curios: Studies in Curatorial Practice
* Looking and Visual Culture
* Performance and ‘live’ art
* Telling Histories
* Women, Art and Gender
* Writing Theory Practices