Digital Literacy in Art

Digital Literacy – 2007-2010
In 2010 we received AKO Aotearoa funding for a website to demonstrate our work with core digital literacy programmes within the art school.

Morgan Oliver constructed a beautiful interface that forces visiters to click to unveil the site, mimicing the experience of many of our students. Rachel Gillies wrote texts to explain the whole background, philosophy and structure of the course, and I frittered away hours designing a rather distorted glossary.

The original project introduced, established and delivered a core digital literacy programme in the School of Art to all BFA and BVA students. I have overseen and developed conceptual and critical frameworks for the course that is lead and steered by Rachel Gillies. The course is taught through a wiki: . We presented the research and thinking behind the course to the 2009 ANZAAE (Aotearoa New Zealand Art Educators) conference and did a live wiki build in the conference presentation: currently developing into a publication reflecting on teaching developments and understandings of ‘flexibility’.