Gallery Machines

Gallery Machines: Art’s Encounter with Noise
—draft —
Gallery Machines traces a critical art history of the tensions, resonances and disruptions found in the encounter between new media, sound, image and the art gallery.

Gallery Machines: Art’s Encounter with Noise documents the profound shift that has occurred in contemporary art in the wake of new media. Art galleries are no longer silent spaces for the contemplation of singular objects. Artworks groan, hiss and splutter their way into our thoughts. Sounds and images leak and move beyond acceptable borders. In some galleries objects are no longer present but replaced by a singing docent, or a dematerialised projection hovering in mid-air. Rooms vibrate with the sound of distant trains, and loud speakers proclaim the arrival of new forms of thought. Things have got noisy and we don’t always know what is going on. Through a discussion of difference, repetition, error, disruption, systems, anxiety, fear and accidents Gallery Machinesshows that the impact of electronic and digitally networked cultures on art is greater than the insertion of new media into pre-existing gallery spaces. The works discussed in this book form noisy and provisional gallery machines that lead viewers towards new experiences of the accidental, the curious, and the unknowable.