Antipodean Media Ecologies

research project: antipodean media ecologies – 2008 – 2011.  I was appointed a Visiting Research Fellow in the Centre for Contemporary Art and Politics, University of New South Wales, Sydney, TI didn’t manage to sit at my desk there, but did begin the project looking into art’s role in the construction of utopia. In particular I’m looking at the myths surrounding New Zealand as a source for antipodean utopic thought. Beginning from Erewhon, this project focuses on machinic connectivities as well as the morals, social constructions and economic models described in Erewhon’s fictional incarnation. Engagements with Erewhon suggest an ongoing commitment to a potential future elsewhere and to the construction of media histories that are embedded in concrete locations. In placing the long term concerns of ecology alongside the hopelessness of utopia, this project suggests that utopia continues to offer a critical map for the histories of media aesthetics, machines and humans.
It is now a paper, and a book chapter, and developing another life of its own.