Thoughts on the computational: an unfortunate list. Unfortunate because it has the potential to be more, because it is resting unfulfilled, and because it is beset by problems bought on by an unresolved essay on Douglas Bagnall’s Cloud Shaped Classifier and Film-Making Robot .

— what counts as a thing?
— what is a pattern?
— how do we find patterns?
— the problem of anthropomorphising.
— how does a machine see the world?
— can a computer see things?
— can a computer see a pattern, and if it does (which I’m beginning to doubt) what does it see, and where is the pattern it sees?
— enumeration
— the seeing of things in the widest possible sense
— mutability
— how meaning is validated by meaning
— can there be a non-differentiated pattern?
— at what point do aesthetics translate experience?
— speculative materiality

“Machines [do not only] extend the organism, but [Samuel Butler] asserts that they are really limbs and organs lying on the body without organs of a society” Deleuze and Guattari – Anti-Oedipus, 1972.